EcoInnovation District Plan

The EcoInnovation District Plan (EID) reinforces Pittsburgh’s p4 Initiative which sets a policy framework focused on:

  • PEOPLE – Fostering a vibrant, diverse community where the residents of Uptown/West Oakland are an active and vital part of the community’s future and benefit directly from neighborhood improvements.
  • PLANET – Elevating individual, community and environmental health in planning, design and development of the neighborhood.
  • PLACE – Reinforcing Uptown’s unique character by protecting and reusing existing buildings whenever possible, promoting excellence in design and expanding local arts and community events.
  • PERFORMANCE – Pursuing solutions for water, building systems and district energy that will enable the neighborhood to reach the highest levels of environmental performance and efficiency.

The EID Plan focuses on four points:

  • Community – Preserve affordable housing, encourage job growth, support local institutions
  • Development – Encourage new development and preservation, align zoning with community goals
  • Mobility – Calm traffic, improve safety, encourage walking and bicycling
  • Infrastructure – Improve community health, upgrade existing and create new parks, manage stormwater, implement district energy

Geographic Focus Area: