About the Uptown Task Force


Created as part of the Uptown/West Oakland EconInnovation District Plan, the Uptown Task Force is comprised of representatives from organizations in Uptown or directly adjacent areas, as well as other organizations that are expected to play a key role in implementing the Plan. The goal is to represent the diverse interests of the community including residents, institutions, non-profits, service providers, businesses, entertainment venues, large landowners, and energy providers.

The Uptown Task Force is convened by Uptown Partners of Pittsburgh, which assembles and organizes each meeting.

Action Teams & Committee Chairs

Community – Jamie Piotrowski, Uptown Partners of Pittsburgh
Work Plan

Development – N/A
Work Plan

Mobility – Chris Sandvig, Mobilify
Work Plan

Infrastructure – N/A
Work Plan


The Task Force meets on the first Thursday of each month at 10:00 AM (as of November 2021). The meeting location rotates among institutions and organizations but is always in Uptown.  Currently, all meetings are held virtually. For information on participation, contact Sabreena Miller at smiller@uptownpartners.org.